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COTA People List

Dr. Yinhai Yang

Dr. Yinhai Wang (Past President of COTA)This is Default

Dr. Wang served as president of NACOTA/COTA from 2010 to 2012 and vice president of NACOTA 2008-2010. He was the last president of NACOTA and first president of COTA. During his tenure as president of NACOTA/COTA, he made several major accomplishments: 1) made NACOTA a global organization by renaming it to COTA and setting up the first chapter out of North America (COTA-Europe); 2) revised COTA by-law to make the board of governor positions, election procedure, and duration of service clear and implementable; 3) standardized the procedure for hosting COTA summer conferences; 4) hired the first employee of COTA; and 5) moved COTA board member election online to ensure its openness and fairness, and only registered COTA members have to right to vote.

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