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COTA TRB Events 2019

By the end of 2018, the worldwide population will be over 7.6 billion, heading to hit 1.5 billion vehicles by 2025. Urban mobility problems are rapidly turning into an urban mobility crisis. As cities become larger, traffic congestion and crashes, energy consumption, carbon emissions, and other forms of pollution are increasing, imposing huge costs on local and global economies and impacting citizens’ quality of life and the environment. To address these challenges, innovative tools and forward-looking strategies are required to ensure the sustainability, livability and resiliency of the multi-modal transportation systems. Among all the emerging strategies, Connected & Automated Vehicles (CAV), Smart Data, and Sharing Mobility are of the most promising technologies bring positive impacts on the mobility, safety and reliability of our surface transportation network.

The 22nd COTA Winter Symposium will discuss critical issues in technology deployment, research and education that promote Connected & Automated Vehicles (CAV), Smart Data, and Sharing Mobility in China and the World. The Symposium is aimed to providing a forum for international transportation professionals to share their research results, project experiences, and lessons learned. Researchers, educators, practitioners, government officials are encouraged to participate in the Symposium.

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