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COTA Spotlight

Founded in 1996, COTA has been constantly growing as one of the largest associations for transportation researchers and engineers oversea and building stronger connections among transportation professionals from China and all around the world. Many people have contributed to COTA’s success. In the series of COTA spotlight stories, COTA would love to acknowledge these figures for their outstanding service and continuing supports to the COTA community.

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Garden of Memory

With 20 years of development, COTA has been growing as one of the largest associations for Chinese transportation researchers and engineers oversea.

Let's sit down and listen to the stories told by those fouders and senior members of COTA on how COTA was started and how COTA members were contributing to it.

COTA Newletters Archiving

COTA website archived all the NACOTA/COTA newsletters that had been generated.
They reflected each foot step and mailestone that COTA achieved within these twenty years......

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Share Your Story with COTA Community

Year 2016 is the 20 years anniversory of COTA. It is remebering time and there are surely going to be a lot of stories and memories if you had been walking with COTA so long. Please take a moment and write down your stories with COTA and share with COTA community by submitting them to news@cota-home.org