COTA Awards

COTA presents a number of awards annually to recognize contributions made by members and volunteers as well as the technical excellence of its members, their projects or programs.
COTA awards include but not limit to the following categories:

  • COTA Appreciation Awards Series, which includes
    • Excellent Organizing Award
    • COTA Outstanding Leadership Award
    • COTA Outstanding Service Award
    • COTA Lifetime Achievement Award
  • Best Paper Awards
  • Best Area Editor Awards
  • Best English Editor Awards
  • COTA Advanced Technology Promotion Award

COTA Appreciation Award Series

AwardsOrganization / Individual
Organizing Excellent AwardSchool of Traffic and Transportation Beijing Jiaotong University, China

Shanghai Maritime University, China
COTA Appreciation AwardTransport Planning and Research Institute (TPRI) Ministry of Transport (MOT) of China
COTA Outstanding Service AwardMr. Qingyan (Ken) Yang
COTA Lifetime Achievement AwardProf. Peikun Yang
Tongji University

Best Paper Awards

WinnerPaper TitlePaper Number
Jianfeng Liu
Xiaolei Ma
Yinhai Wang
Jing Wang
Congcong Liu
Temporal Distribution Analysis of Beijing Subway RidershipPaper #4
Hang YuA method for traffic congestion assessment in export container yardPaper #5
Ning Hu
Xin Zhang
Study on cleanup choice in ship oil spillage emergency response based on stated preference dataPaper #15&19
Jun Zhang
Xiaoqian Sun
Sebastian Wandelt
Node Dependency in Multi-Commodity Flow Problem with Application to Transportation NetworksPaper #19
Li Yuan
Rui Li
Rui Zeng
Yuexin Chen
Transit signal priority optimization under arterial signal coordinated control conditionPaper #308

Outstanding Area Editor Award

Dr. Yu (Marco) Nie
Dr. Yinglin Fan
Dr. Ziqi Song

Outstanding English Editing Chair Award

Dr. Guohui Zhang
Dr. Jianming Ma

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