Registration & Publication Fee Information (中文)



注册费:2500元 请于6.30日前完成注册,并将本人信息(姓名,单位信息,地址,电话,email)及报告题目发至


户 名:上海海事大学
账 号:1001727319300001319

汇款后请需把汇款回执+发票的抬头全称发至李先耀(; 电话:21-38282308)。确认到帐信息后,我们会回邮件给予确认,发票内容统一为“会务费”。 发票会放在您的会议袋里;如果急需,可邮寄给您!



Registration & Publication Fee Information (English)

Dear CICTP2016 participants:

Welcome to CICTP2016! The registration information is below:

Presentation only:

Registration fee: 2500 Chinese Yuan. Please send presenter’s information (name, institute, address, phone, email) and the title of your presentation to or

Other attendees:

Registration fee: 2200 Chinese Yuan

Please use the following account information:

Account Name: Shanghai Maritime University
Account #: 1001727319300001319
Name of the Bank: 027273- Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Lin-Gang Branch
Please mark in the comments: CICTP2016+Paper ID+Full Name+Institute

Please then send information of your mailing address and name that you want to show on the invoice to Mr. Xianyao Li (, or; Phone: 86-21-38282308). We will send you confirmation once we receive your wire transfer. The invoice may be picked up at the reception desk when you come to attend the conference or will be mailed to you by request.

Ying-En Ge

On Behalf of CICTP2016 Organizing Committee

Conference Registration - for Oversea Participants

Participants outside of China can also pay the registration fee through COTA with the following options:

Mailing check:
COTA (attn: Dr. Heng Wei)
792 Rhodes Hall, 2850 Campus Way
The University of Cincinnati
Cincinnati, Ohio 45221-0071, USA

Bank wire transfer:
Fifth Third (5/3) Business Standard Checking Account:
Routing #: 042000314
Account #: 7978436041

Conference On-site Registration

Conference registration desk is located in the lobby of Area A. Registration can be made July 05, 13:30-21:00, July 06, 8:30-noon and 13:30-21:00, and July 07-08, 7:30 – noon.


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