Visa Information

China Visa Information

Foreign citizens must obtain a Chinese visa before entry into China, with the exception of visa-free entry based on relevant agreements or regulations. Please check the validity of your visa before traveling to China. If the visa has expired or the number of entries is not enough, you must apply for a new visa.

For information on how and where to apply for visa, please visit the "THE STATE COUNCIL, THE PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA" website at

A complete list of all Chinese Embassies and consulates, including address and contact information, can be found at the website of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, PRC.

General Travel Tips to China


Beijing Capital International Airport is located in the northeast part of the city, ~32 km (~20 mile) to the Conference venue. You are advised to change some Chinese money at the Bank of China Airport Service in the Terminal Building. So as to be able to pay for taxi and other minor costs.

Currency and Banking

The official name for the currency of China is the renminbi and the ISO code for renminbi is CNY (an abbreviation for "Chinese Yuan"). Foreign currency can be exchanged for CNY at the airport, banks and hotels. Major credit cards are honored at most hotels. Banks usually open at 9:00 in the morning and close at 17:00 in the afternoon all working days.

Exchange rates:

  • Approximately CHF 1.0 = CNY 6.3
  • Approximately EUR 1.0 = CNY 7.6
  • Approximately GBP 1.0 = CNY 9.7
  • Approximately USD 1.0 = CNY 6.2
Click to check latest exchange rates provided by Bank of China.

Chinese Yuan

To make things easier for you, it is highly recommended you carry Chinese Yuan in cash, which will be used in small restaurants and taxi, although credit cards are acceptable by most hotels and restaurants. ATM is widely available throughout the city.

ATM Machine

Beijing is a very ATM-friendly city. There are many banks with ATMs, but only about 50% of these accept foreign cards. The main foreign friendly ATMs are controlled by the Bank of China. Bank of China ATMs work in both Chinese and English (depending on your card), use the latest equipment, and are reasonably easy to find.


Electricity is supplied at 220V, 50Hz AC throughout China. Major hotels usually provide 115V outlet for razor. Please note that plug adapters and converters might be required.

Safety and Security

In general China is a very safe country. However, be aware of pickpockets and be careful when crossing the road. Passports should be kept in the hotel safe until the departure day. Also note the serial numbers of your travellers checks if you are carrying those. We also recommend having copies of your passport and credit cards with you in case of loss or theft.


Gratuities are not customary in China. However, in hotels and during group travels, tipping is practiced for porters, tour guides and drivers.


Anti-smoking campaigns are becoming stronger and stronger, but you might still find people smoking in local restaurants and bars.


China covers four time zones. Beijing time is the only official time throughout the country; punctuality is highly appreciated.


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